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Dog Daycare

dog daycare

It's Daily Fun at Dog Daycare

Don't leave your dog home alone, bored with nothing to do and just waiting for you. Bring it to Pawsitively Paradise Pet Resort for exercise, socialization, and other special needs!

Lots of Exercise

Most of the time spent by your dog in daycare includes staying active, playing, and socializing with other dogs and our employees. This helps keep your dog fit physically and mentally. Canine obesity is a growing problem and this is a fun and effective way for them to get in shape.

After dropping them off, they go to playschool for 1.5 - 2 hours of playtime and socialization. Then they get a potty break and snack time. After everyone is settled down, it's nap time. Everyone goes to their kennel for quiet time and relaxation. Lights are dimmed and music plays softly. After their rest, it's back to playtime until mom and dad pick them up!

Who Is Eligible?

Dogs of any size or age are welcome at Pawsitively Paradise Pet Resort. Male dogs must be neutered and female dogs cannot be in heat. Playgroups are matched by temperament and age. All dogs will be evaluated on their first visit and all dogs must meet our vaccination requirements.

What Are the Benefits?


Socialization during puppyhood through adulthood is crucial towards having a confident, comfortable dog. Dogs can be excited by the novelty of new experiences. Daycare helps them get used to new experiences, so they remain calm in different situations. It's great for shy dogs, and our staff will slowly introduce them to others in a positive way. We'll help your dog develop good manners.

Helps in House Training

If your dog isn't housebroken and you have to be away longer than they can hold it (3-4 hours for young pups), you're setting your dog up for failure. Fewer accidents will help them become housebroken sooner. We can make sure your dog or puppy is outside as many times as needed to help house training while you're away.

Gets Your Dogs Out of the House

Having some work done on the house? Home improvements can be stressful for the entire family, including your pets. All the strange people and noises are confusing, or they could dash out the door as people enter and leave. Let them stay with us and get lots of attention and hugs while you're remodeling.

We Watch Over Your Special Needs Pets Too!

If your pet has a medical problem that needs constant surveillance, or if they've just had surgery, we're to watch over and pamper them while you're at work. We can give them their pills, insulin injections, and comfort them while they recover. We'll offer a peaceful and quiet environment for those who need it.

Separation Anxiety

Many dogs suffer from separation anxiety. We keep them focused and busy so they can enjoy their time away from you as well as with you. By keeping them physically and mentally stimulated, we ensure that dogs are more calm and relaxed when you come to get them. A relaxed dog means a relaxed family.


  • $20.00 for a full day
  • $12.00 for a half day (morning or afternoon)


Deluxe Pampered Pooch
Cost: $11.00 per day
  • Morning playschool
  • Afternoon snack
  • Bedtime snack

Premium Pampered Pooch
Cost: $24.00 per day
  • Morning playschool
  • Afternoon skinny dip (weather permitting, we may substitute)
  • Afternoon snack
  • Brush and fluff
  • Bedtime snack
Entertain Me
Cost: $21.50 per day
  • A walk in the country
  • Go to the movies
  • Brush and fluff
dog daycare


Add different extras to enhance your pet's vacation with us. There's something for everyone, and you can add one or as many as you want for each day of their stay or just once during their stay —it's all up to you.
  • Skinny dip — The ideal activity for your dog's days of summer! $6.50 per session
  • Playschool — Guests run and play in our play area, and get a "cookie" when returning to their room. Cost $6.50
  • Afternoon snack — Guests can choose from a chew twist, small rawhide, or specialty bakery item. Cost $2.50
  • Brush and fluff — This is not a full grooming session and there's no mat removal. Just a light freshening up during their stay. They get a biscuit before they return to their room. Cost $15.00
  • Aromatherapy massage — A 15-minute massage including special essential oils for relaxation and to help arthritic joints. Cost $18.00
  • Bedtime snack — A loving session with a handful of treats of their choice to help them get through the night. Cost $4.50
  • A walk in the country — Take a stroll around the fence row out back and enjoy lots of good smells and sights. A secure lead is on at all times. Cost $6.50
  • Go to the movies — Choice of a movie and a treat! Take a potty break before entering our “living room” and enjoy some quality petting and relaxing time while watching your movie. Cost $8.00
  • Brunch — Served on Sunday morning, brunch consists of scrambled eggs, Beggin' strips, a “cookie”, and chilled water. Cost $5.50
  • On holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Etc.) — Special dinners are offered that are all healthy and safe for our guests. Cost $5.50
  • Dog bath — We can bathe your pet before they go home or anytime they need some freshening up. The cost to bath your dog is $23.00 - $45.00, depending on the size of your dog and hair length. We reserve the right to inspect dogs for mats, and if the dog needs grooming we will refuse to bathe it at that time. This is to ensure the comfort of the pet
  • Manicure — We trim nails and paint polish for that high-fashion look. Cost is quoted by the job
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