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dog birthday party

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Dog Birthday Parties

Whether you're hosting your own puppy party or want us to, Pawsitively Paradise Pet Resort has your birthday supplies covered.

You can choose from one of our packages or ala carte items. Our mascot Pawsley can be hired by the hour. Whatever you decide, it's a great time for you, your 4-legged guests, and 2-legged guests!

You can purchase packages or ala carte items. We also have Pawsley our Mascot who can be hired by the hour. Whatever you chose it is a great time for both your 4 legged guests and 2 legged guests.


Ala Carte
  • Cake (bone or themed) — $11.00
  • 1 doz. cookies — $8.99
  • Balloon bouquet — $6.50
  • Birthday hats (per hat) — $0.50
  • Bone-shaped candies — $10.00 per doz. pks.
  • Rental on Pawsley — $50.00 per hour

Package Deals
  • Take Home Party – Includes cake, 1 doz. cookies, balloon bouquet — $21.00
  • Deluxe Take Home Party – Includes cake, 1 doz. cookies, balloon bouquet, 1 doz. bone-shaped candies, and 6 hats — $35.00
  • Puppy Parties at Paradise – Call for prices. We can host “pool parties”, “game parties”, or a “mingle” type party. We even host manicure tea parties for girls and their dogs. Prices vary on the type of party. We supply the place, and we pick up after you've had your fun.
dog birthday party

Membership Benefits

We offer a club membership for our very discreet pets. Upon joining, members get special privileges that are exclusive to them.

Members get a quarterly newsletter filled with new happenings at our resort, different health issues, and the latest styles that all fashionable pets should know about. Some of our staff and their pets are also featured in each issue.

Only members will know about and receive our monthly specials, and a VIP (very important pet) punch card is issued to each member. Once filled, they receive $30.00 towards any service of their choice. Another VIP card is then issued.

Upon signing up, members can choose from a Pawsitively Paradise bathrobe or towel to enjoy while at our spa area.

Every member receives a birthday card that they can bring personally, and they receive a birthday cookie and a toy.

No fee is charged for holding a specific suite or condo of choice.

Pickup and delivery is 10% off for members.

Special Sunday pick-up time for members only: 8:30 am - 9:00 am at no additional fee.

Membership Fee:
  • New members — $155.00 per year
  • Renewal — $110.00 per year
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Gift registry is available to make shopping easy for your guests.
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