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Pet Boarding

dog boarding

Let Your Pet Socialize

Let your pet enjoy the experience of socializing with other pets! Bring it to Pawsitively Paradise Pet Resort to enjoy quality time!

Boarding Policies

We recommend that you make the reservations well in advance. Shows or cancellations made with less than 24 hours' notice will be subject to a $15.00 charge. During peak holiday times (Christmas, Spring Break, 4th of July, Thanksgiving), a major credit card will be needed while making the reservation.

For your dog to participate in group playtime, you need to sign an agreement. Your pet must pass social testing. We will not accept males that are not neutered for group participation. The staff of Pawsitively Paradise will determine the social skills of your pet. If your pet is not getting along with the other guests, you may be asked to take your pet away from the group playtime.

All dogs must be current on DHLP, Rabies and Bordetella. We will keep a copy of the pet's veterinary record on file.

You can bring blankets, toys, food, and more, from your home to provide your pet with a sense of comfort and security. All items should be washable in case of any accident. FOOD DISHES or RAWHIDES are not allowed. Make sure you have marked all the items with your pet’s name. We will make all efforts to take care of the items. We cannot be responsible if your pet’s items are lost or damaged.

Cat Condos 

$14.00 For the First cat
                           $   9.00 For the  Second cat

Feline condos: Each of our condos has an “ocean view” with beautiful salt water fish and coral. Each condo also has 2 ledges in which they can enjoy. The top level has a comfy “sheepskin” to curl up on or the second level has a place to snack or get a drink. 
pet condo

Canine Condos

Regular Condo - $22.00 for the first dog $16.00 for the second dog 
Large  Condo    - $24.00 for the first dog $18.00 for the second dog
Canine condos are heated and air conditioned. We offer 2 different sizes: 1 is 4'x4' that opens up into a 4'x8' play area, the other size is 4'x6' that opens up into a 6'x8' play section.

Call Us to Sign Your Pet up for Boarding
Let your pet enjoy socializing with other pets during your work day!

Exotic boarding

Exotic Boarding (Birds, Guinea Pigs, Turtles Etc.): $12.00 per day. This price is only when you supply the cage. Room prices still apply if your guest(s) will stay in a condo or suite.

One way Pickup and Delivery
*Must be within 20 mile radius of Pawsitively Paradise Pet Resort

Discounts on long stays (7 days or more) are available, please inquire.
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