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About Us

Professional Pet Care Specialists 

The certified staff at Pawsitively Paradise Pet Resort is committed to providing your pets with the personal attention they deserve. They receive a thorough evaluation for training, and they are trained for some medical needs such as diabetic care. Our staff is also animal CPR certified. Contact us today for more information or to schedule your stay.

We Give Each of Our Human Clients a Solemn Pledge:

We will deal honestly, respectfully and fairly with you, and will put the welfare of our “guests” and above personal gain.

We will honor our commitments to our customers, whether they are made in advertising, or in person.

We will respect the confidential nature of our resort/client relationship, and will never release client information to unauthorized individuals.

We will strive to maintain and advance the professional competence of our staff by taking advantage of the educational opportunities available to us.

We will endeavor to resolve any disputes which might arise in a fair, amicable and professional manner.

Our Solemn Pledge to Your Pets:

We will care for all of our “guests” with kindness and will place their welfare above all other business considerations.

We will provide security and safety for all “guests” by means of proper kennel design, proper, and gentle animal handling procedures, adequate separation between animals, and by keeping all pet boarding areas free of potential hazards.

We will maintain a sanitary environment for all “guests”.

We will provide supervision of all “guests” by competent, conscientious personnel and will respond appropriately to any sign of distress or emergency.

We will provide sanitized water and food bowls for each “guest”.

We will provide a proper diet to each “guest”.

We will seek veterinary assistance whenever appropriate, the choice of vet. to be governed by kennel policy, as explained during check-in.

We will require proper immunizations for all boarders, as specified in our contract.
We will administer owner-provided or vet. Prescribed medication in accordance with instructions.

We will take appropriate measures to control parasites within this facility.

We will provide protection for excessive exposure to the sun or extreme cold to our ”guests” when going outside.

We will provide adequate ventilation to help minimize possible exposure to possible viruses.

We will provide adequate exercise opportunities in areas which are safe, secure, and clean.
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