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Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some questions we are often asked at Pawsitively Paradise Pet Resort. If you have any questions about our facilities or services, contact us.

What is Bordetella?

Bordetella is known by many names. Also known as "infectious tracheobronchitis”, it's most commonly called “kennel cough".

Characterized by a harsh, hacking cough, most people describe it sounding like something is stuck in their dog's throat. It's similar to a chest cold for humans and is only serious in special circumstances. Bordetella resolves on its own in most cases. 

Since it's common for Bordetella to be accompanied by at least one other infection agent, it's usually a complex of infections instead of just one infection.

Bordetella is not contagious to humans. It's fairly contagious amongst dogs depending on stress level, vaccination status, and exposure to minor viruses.

Other factors in contracting kelling cough include traveling stress, crowding stress, heavy dust or cigarette smoke exposure, poor ventilation, change in weather conditions.

There are 2 vaccination options, injectable and intranasal. After intranasal vaccination it takes 4 days to generate a solid immune response. Some dogs will experience some sneezing or nasal discharge in the following week after intranasal vaccination.
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What If I Don’t Get Extra Exercises, Is My Dog Ignored?

Absolutely not! With our open concept boarding, they can see all the activity going on around them and watch people in the back cleaning, walking, watering, etc. We talk to all of our guests as we walk by, and if someone is having difficulty adjusting we stop and sit with them and give them treats. We want their stay to be enjoyable — this is their vacation too! 
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Why Did I Get Charged for Sunday?

Most other boarding facilities are closed on Sunday. As a convenience to our customers, we offer check out hours on Sunday evenings. As pet owners and lovers ourselves, we understand how excited you are to be reunited with your pet.

Rates are based on the day of boarding, not simply an overnight charge. Our staff goes to work tending to our guests very early in the morning. Before you arrive for check out, your pet will already have been fed, exercised, had their kennel area cleaned, and in some cases bathed to prepare for going home. These are the services you pay for when your pet stays until Sunday evening.

What Is Your Taxi Service?

We will happily come and pick up your pets or deliver them back home for you. Whether you are home or not, you can rely on us as we are insured and bonded. We pick up and deliver for your grooming appointments as well. Contact us and ask how we can be of help.
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What Is Your Minimum Age for Boarding a Dog or Cat?

The welfare of our guests is our main concern. For this reason, we require them to have at minimum the series of 3 DHLLP for dogs and 2 FLVP for cats to stay in our condo area. They'll be exposed to many other pets and need these to fight off air-borne diseases. We can accept pups and kittens at 8 weeks of age, but they will need to stay in our luxury bedroom suites. These suites are very private and they won't be exposed to other pets.
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Can I Take a Tour of Your Resort?

We encourage you to take a tour! We make every effort to provide a first-class, highly sanitary environment. We maintain high standards for our staff members who continue their education through seminars. We want you to feel comfortable and safe in choosing our resort for your pet's vacation.

When choosing a boarding facility, here are some suggestions of things to look for:
  • You should be able to tour any aspect of the facility at any time during business hours, even without a reservation
  • The facility should smell and be clean
  • References from current customers or veterinarians should be accessible upon request
  • Staff members should be available and able to answer any of your pet care questions
  • Vaccinations from a licensed veterinarian should be required for the facility prior to allowing a pet to be boarded
  • Staff members should appear kind and friendly towards the animals in their care and they should own pets themselves
  • Kennels and suites should be clean, independent from each other, and spacious
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My Pet Is Thirsty When She Comes Home From Boarding. Doesn’t She Get Water When She’s There or Won’t She Drink?

Pets will frequently become very thirsty from the excitement and stress of seeing their family and loved ones again when they are picked up. It’s natural for them to be thirsty once they get home.
While in our care, pets are monitored carefully for their consumption of fresh water, as well as food and how much they have eliminated. Just like the excitement of coming home, when they first are checked in and settled in their room, they will tend to become very thirsty. We watch this and are sure to provide plenty of fresh water upon check in to get the pet fully hydrated. After the 1st 30 minutes or so, they settle down into the routine, get comfortable and establish regular eating and drinking habits.
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Can I bring my pets food?

If your pet has a special diet or you're not comfortable with changing their diet, you can bring their food. Our associates are trained to follow your instructions to make sure your pet enjoys their regular diet. We appreciate you using a sealed container to preserve freshness.

For your convenience, we provide Dr. Gary’s Best Breed food products to our guests. We have both canned and dry food in several varieties to meet your special needs. This food is highly digestible and naturally beneficial, and contains no artificial ingredients or byproducts. If you have any questions, we'll be happy to give you a brochure for more information.
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My Pet Takes Medication or Is a Diabetic, Can You Care for Them?

We're trained professionals and can handle your special needs. Guests with controlled diabetes, seizures, arthritis, previous surgeries, thyroid problems, or blindness are all welcome and our staff has the experience to take care of these needs. 

If your pet is not stable or has serious issues, we feel they would be better off under a veterinarian's care rather than staying at our facility, despite the qualifications of our well-trained staff.
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Why Does My Dog Have Doggy Odor When I Pick Him Up?

We use hospital-grade disinfectants and we're meticulous about cleaning and keeping your pets spotless. However, when pets are stressed or excited they excrete more oils in their skins, giving off the "doggy odor." When we have many guests, even with our ventilation system, the odor does become more noticeable.

Some people may also be more sensitive to pet odors, especially after not being around them for awhile. We recommend scheduling a "go home fresh bath" or a grooming appointment for your pet before picking them up. There's nothing like being greeted by a fluffy, soft, and nice-smelling friend — it makes the ride home even more enjoyable!

What Happens When a Pet Becomes Ill? Do You Have a Staff Veterinarian?

We don't have a staff veterinarian, but we keep your personal veterinarian information on file and will contact them first. If your veterinarian is out of town or unavailable, we have access to a 24-hour clinic.

We maintain relationships with many clinics in the area and are assured of emergency care whenever it's required. Our staff members are fully trained in proper emergency animal care, using advanced training methods and techniques. They are trained in CPR for pets and First Aid certificates. We keep up-to-date on emergency procedures. 
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Is Someone at the Facility 24 Hours a Day?

We don't maintain a staff 24 hours a day, but someone is usually here very early in the morning to around 11:00 pm. This time varies per night depending on the number of pets we have, how many exercises are needed, and if there are any pets with special needs. During weekends, there has been someone here until 1:00 am.

The owners live nearby and there are precautionary security devices. If there's bad weather in the area, the owners will stay on the premises to care for our guests and make sure everyone is safe and comfortable.
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Why Is Pawsitively Paradise Pet Resort More Expensive Than Other Boarding Facilities?

We charge a bit more because we offer more: highly trained people, the latest technology, and a top-quality facility.

We are committed to providing our guests and their owners with an unprecedented level of comfort, safety, and service. All of our guests receive premium-quality care and attention, including careful monitoring of eating, elimination, play, and mental health. Our staff members comprise animal lovers and are all highly trained and continue their education every year to provide the professional skills our clients have come to respect. 

Ultimately, only you can decide if the extra cost is worth your peace of mind. Our clients are willing to pay a little more to make sure their furry family members are well cared for during their absence. 
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